24 May 2012


Thanks to Rich Gilligan for shooting the footage and to Alex Bradley for the edit. Click here to see the promo video for the book on Vimeo.

15 May 2012


The book now has it's own new website where you will find details, photography and video. Kindly built by Mary Plunkett.


4 May 2012

Colm Tóibín visits Distiller's Press

Colm Tóibín dropped by yesterday for over an hour and a half to see the book as it nears the end of production. Since coming on board to write the foreword he has been in contact many times and has been great to work with. After a quick tour of the press we spent a long while analysing each and every illustration up close. Colm has meticulously signed all copies of his foreword with his own beautiful fountain pen. We're delighted with this development and we must thank Colm for his generous support of this project from the outset.