7 Feb 2012


In choosing the typefaces I had a clear idea of what they were to be used to portray. 48pt Grot no. 8 will be used solely for the title page of the book, it has a beautifully quirky nature and is heavy enough to carry the title well. The case I found has certainly been used often as the type is quite worn, this adds a certain dynamic to the characters which I'm fond of.

The body of the book carries two narratives, one referring to the Titanic and another to the printers. 18pt Grotesque light was chosen to portray the printer's journey through the book as it has a heavy presence, with noticeable nicks and scrapes to it's appearance. I like the idea of using a hard working fount here directly referencing the printing trade as such. These were working men, on the ship as employees, in stark contrast to the wealthy passengers who also travelled on board. The printer's narrative is depicted through 20 short paragraphs.

This leaves the newly cast 14pt Garamond. This will be used to carry the aesthetic of the ship itself, sharp, exact and beautifully luxurious. The fount has been cast with a full set of ligatures in both roman and italic. The Titanic's narrative is depicted through 20 quotes from crew and survivors.

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