8 Feb 2012


One of the areas that I found interesting was the availability of only two inks to the printers. I've noticed the majority of their work required only black but some menus seem to also include a dark blue. Taking this information I decided to also limit the colours in the book to black and blue. The illustrations will be black linoleum prints and the type will also be black. Decoration within the type elements will be blue, as will the illustrated coordinates which tie everything together throughout the book. Blue may also appear in the binding chord and possibly on the cover as a foil or a tipped in illustration but these elements have not been finalised yet.

There will also be a special ink used in the book. This ink will be made from coal salvaged from the wreckage on the Atlantic sea floor. It was salvaged by the 1994 Research and Discovery Expedition. Experiments are ongoing as to how best create this ink but it's looking like a very heavy stone mortal and pestle and a lot of elbow grease can grind it down to a fine powder. This powder could then be added to one of a number of bases - black, blue, transparent white etc. The inclusion of this ink adds another dimension to the book. There will be a part of the disaster included and linked directly to the printers as it will be applied by the very means that they themselves were used to, letterpress printing.

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